PVD Magnetron/Sputtering

The Magnetron is the “heart” of any PVD system. Quadrant, with our years of experience designing and building magnetrons, has helped many of our customers maximize the three variables most important to the process – uniformity, throughput and target utilization. If you require optimization of an existing magnetron or full-scale design and development of a new product, Quadrant can provide assistance at all stages. We offer complete design analysis, prototyping and testing as well as the assurance that all production units are made to same exacting standards as the first-article.magnetroncathode


PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) or Sputtering is a process used to deposit one material, in a molecularly thin layer, onto a second material. The deposited material (coating) may become the conductive circuit in semiconductors, the magnetic media on a disk drive platter, or the reflective film on architectural glass.


The deposition is accomplished when an inert gas, such as Argon, is subjected to high voltage, increasing its energy state. Electrons from this “plasma” are then attracted to the positively charged coating material, typically aluminum or copper. When these electrons strike the coating material, they cause atoms or molecules of the coating material to escape in a high-energy state. They then travel toward the substrate (the material being coated) with such high velocity that bonding occurs upon contact.


This process is greatly enhanced through the use of a Magnetron. Take advantage of Quadrant’s in-depth expertise in this process.


For more information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sputter_deposition


A Magnetron is a magnetic device used to accelerate the process and provide for greater uniformity in a PVD/Sputtering application. Quadrant is a recognized leader in the manufacture of magnetrons, including rectangular, circular, custom, and retrofit units.