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Quadrant has 120 engineers on staff, prepared to support your manufacturing requirements. We have multiple PhD disciplines supporting design and manufacturing elements such as mechanical, electrical, magnetic, metallurgical, and electromagnetic design. Our Mentor Infolytica FEA software supports motor design verifications and analysis. See our case studies for specialized areas such as our patented pulse magnetizing capability and OEM magnetizing equipment.         


Force and flux calculations are a click away. Or reach our applications engineers through our contacts page for design assistance.


Quadrant commonly requested case studies
are available for download. Additional case
studies are available. Please contact our
applications engineers for more information.


Quadrant uses Mentor Infolytica for FEA
analysis. We accept Solidworks step or native files for static FEA analysis. Our
electromagnetic analysis is available following a business review.


From standard magnet machining to high
volume readiness, we offer in-house
machining capabilities such as surface cutters and grinders, wire saws, wire EDM, MIM / PIM
in-house plating, coatings, stamping, laser
welding and stator winding capabilities.
We look forward to creating your optimal
manufacturing plan.


Please refer to our glossary of commonly
used magnetic terms. Our applications
engineers are available for further assistance.